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Date: September 19th 1917


Sept. 19th 1917

Dear Nen:-

I know this should be for Ella but you asked me such a bunch of questions in your letter I guess I'd better answer them now.

It certainly is a crime that my mail has been going west as I haven't had more than 6 parcels from home, not counting magazines. I'm not kicking any as I know they've been sent but it's rotten having them go astray. Some slob down at the base in a nice cushy job is enjoying them probably. Two parcels of magazines came while I was on leave, the underwear and bug dope, two letters from Dad, one from you and one from Ella.

I cabled Dad all right from London and hope he gets it. I also sent Hugh Billings snaps and a couple of pins for you and Ella which I trust have arrived safely.

You ask what we eat out here. Well there isn't an awful lot to kick about as we usually get fresh meat 3 times a week. Then there's bully and maconochie stew the other days. We pay 10 francs a day messing so buy lots of extras from the town. I had two fried eggs & bacon with toast and cocoa for breakfast. Boiled beef, onions & potatoes and tinned pineapple for lunch, Boiled beef, onions and potatoes and tinned pineapple and toast & cheese for dinner. Oh! and toast and jam & tea for tea. However, this is a bon day as the major had the pineapple in a parcel.

Glad to hear Stan Todd is in Mespot. as it's a darn fine place in winter. As you say I haven't much to kick about but I don't do I? I know we all get so darn fed up and really it is mighty boring. The winter here will be the real test however as all the old war dogs tell me. I'll be really salted if I last till the spring. Stan needn't worry much about fighting out there anyway as it's a pretty cushy place from all accounts as regards to shelling. Of course the summer is fierce. I know we're dying to go out there ourselves being fed up with this place. It all comes out in the wash however so cheerio for the present.