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Date: September 11th 1915

11 September 1915

Dear Dad:-

Just received your letter and want to caution you against taking any action in the matter. Its all over now and anything you could do would only make it worse. We are never disturbed at night now or made amuse the seniors and so we are all right. They treat us fairly decently now and are all standing by the commandant's orders. We only have the work in the day time and get plenty of sleep although I still get up at [words missing] I am flat orderly for the week [words missing] the others. They only lost their heads [words missing] they were only recruits themselves [words missing] not used to giving orders. Everything is going smoothly now and tell Geoff Birkett if you see him before he leaves that "this is the life". The cash is holding out very well and I have not been asked for my sports subscription. I bought a good undress tunic from a senior who was hard up the other day for 75¢ ! They cost Z7.50 when new and it only needs a little shortening in the sleeves. Of course I will only use it as a second best. To wear at drills and in the college grounds.

Sincerely Yours.