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Date: October 27th 1917


Oct. 27th 1917

Dear Dad:-

Well old sport how is the exemption board going? Hope you're making them pull up their socks and get busy. We're having a very cushy time as regards shells at present but are having an awful war with the mud. Two days rain made the place into a hopeless mess, I wonder what it'll be like after two months of it!

I'm on night O.P. tonight and I guess I'm in for a mighty cold time of it. I'm on from 5 this afternoon till 8 tomorrow morning, quite a stretch isn't it? My shoepacks keep the mud out perfectly and one of the fellows from the other batteries has written to Canada for a pair.

Was up till 1 last night firing and as it poured the whole time I'm feeling pretty fed up. My clothes are all over mud too. However, we should worry as we have a good fire in an old boche stove and we can get our things more or less dry at it. We had coal last night and got it red hot.

How's business these days? I'll guess you'll be getting ready for the Christmas rush pretty soon. I hope to get my next leave in 2 months. We are getting it every 3 months now which is the best its ever known to be.

Des. MacMahon & Humph Gilbert are still going strong and intend to visit them one of these days when I get a chance.

Must close now, love to Ella and Nen and Grandma. The magazines still arrive O.K. and are mighty useful.