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Date: October 24th 1917


Oct 24th 1917

Dear Ella:-

Just received a letter from Nen telling me all about Doug Armstrong. I see he was mentioned in despatches. I know the bunch at home don't think an awful lot of this but believe me it sure is worth having.

Rather funny, Nen said she enclosed $5 but she she forgot to put it in or else it was pinched. Still, I should worry as I've lots of cheques left in my book. Glad to hear you got the music O.K. and that the cable arrived in time. Hope the pins reach their destination too.

I guess Grey is feeling rather fed up as 27 months out here would change everything especially with two brothers done in. He sure is lucky to get his American job but it's coming to him if anybody should get it.

Those aliases on the back of Browning's photo are all his different nicknames. We can't mention an officer's name on the phone now for some fool reason so we have names for all.

The Major is any export from the Argentine he generally gets "Frozen Meat."

The Captain gets Blanco.

Maher is called Australia.

Browning, "Charlie Pearce", "Fairy" or anything we think of.

Johnson gets "Hector" Horace or Hadolphus.

The new officer Lesley-Moore gets "Mex" as he's been in Mexico for 8 years.

I get Canada of course.

It's very cushy here now and we take it easy.

Best love to all.

Will you please send me some Edgeworth pipe tobacco. The stuff in blue tins.