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Date: October 21st 1917


21st Oct. 1917

Dear Nen:-

The last two days have been great and everything is drying up. However, it's still mighty cold at night and the water in the morning is colder than R.M.C. was.

I was up the O.P. yesterday and it's not so bad in the day now. 8 A.M.- 5 P.M. I also killed another Boche. There were 6 working in a trench under an officer. The first 3 rounds were close but didn't do anything but frighten them. The officer had a greatcoat on and we could see him quite well running like the mischief for the funk hole. I then fired again and got the exact spot and kept one gun layed on it. In about half an hour another two came up to have a look around so I pasted two rounds at them. We only saw one get back to the trench and are pretty sure the other one copped it as we had two telescopes, a periscope and 3 pairs of glasses watching it and we never saw him at all. I wish this would happen every day as it breaks the monotony a bit.

I'm on liaison tonight and will likely put in a darn chilly night.

I hear Mrs. Burns has given me $5. Hurray, it all helps and I'm not sure how I stand after the leave. Will you send me her address and I'll thank her for it.

I also had the wind up when I got the cablegram, I thought sure something had happened but thanks awfully. The drop cookies are swell and I sure had a good birthday.

Must close now as we're firing in a few minutes. Write soon.

Love to all.