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Date: November 25th 1917


November 25th 1917

Dear Nen:-

You see how long it is since I last wrote but I've been getting familiar with work lately so have not been able to write. Everybody in the battery is still going strong and we aren't quite so fed up as usual although we are working hard.

The weather has been rainy the last few days with a high wind as well and today it hailed. However we have plenty of stoves so we should worry. My shoepacks keep the water out very well so I haven't much kick coming.

It was with great pain that I read Stanley Todd's letter. For a fellow who's never been in action he sure is a heavy "prayer". We have a couple in the battery who are always writing home that way and they are absolutely n.b.g. If you're going to do that kind of thing why not keep it to yourself instead of trying to create such a good opinion of yourself. And also, why should he or I be looked after any better than the next fellow. I think you need a lot of nerve for a thing like that.

Here's hoping you don't want me to mush all over the place.

I got a letter from John Machado and he's going in for aviation if his heart keeps all right.

Gee! I'm sleepy. John is fed up with the ambulance business he says and is aching to see some fighting. He'll soon get his satisfy although if he's on this front and in the Flying Corps he won't as ours generally beat it when anything happens.

Sorry I can't tell any news but it doesn't follow that I've none to tell. Love to all.