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Date: May 9th 1917

3rd Army Artillery School
B.E.F. France

May 9th 1917

Dear Dad:-

How's the boy now? Able to sit up and take notice yet? I've never felt better in my life with a good meal beneath my belt and some darn good news.

We were all posted to our different Divisions yesterday and I struck the 12th . All the other Canadians are in the 15th which is kind of tough. However the 12th is a mighty fine Division I've been told so I should worry. We should leave in about 10 days now so here's for the dirty work.

I got a letter from Geoff the other day and he's in the 57th Squadron about 50 kilos from us. I'm going down on Sunday and try to see him. I hope he'll be on deck all right as I'd like to see him.

General Leckie was down here today and watched us ranging. He's a Canadian from R.M.C. He's also G.O.C. R.A. Third Army which is what we're all in. Capt. Woods, the instructor who had a bad down on me about three weeks ago has come around since or I've improved a lot and told me I was getting so good he'd buy me a stick of sugar candy. He's Irish so I guess that's why we didn't click at first but he's quite funny and now and then pulls some quite decent stuff.

Early morning stables this morning through which I slept blissfully. Luckily they missed up on the roll call so I got away with it. We had two guns out today manouvering on Drill Order as it is called, and I was battery leader. I had charge of the battery for a while and then had to change with the Reconnaissance Officer and lay out lines of fire with the director getting one angle a compass bearing and mucking about with the director. I then had to bring the battery into action and give the orders while they were firing (not really) and a lot of other bull. I got away with it, however, and he told me it was all right.

Well, Dad, we'll call a halt till the next. Got the Popular all right and stick to it. Will send my address when leaving but will write often before then. Best love to Nen, Ella, Grandma and all the rest. Will answer Jean and Aunt Muriel soon.