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Date: May 27th 1917

C/62 Battery R.F.A,
B.E.F., France

May 27-28th 1917

Dear Dad:-

Well, at last I'm up at the battery doing something to help win the war. We came up this morning from the wagon lines. A few "crumps" pitched about 75 yds away from us but none of us got the wind up at all. We have a good dug out about 25' down in chalk and are very comfortable. Was up at the O.P. we use at night with the Major who is a corker and observed some rounds with him. We saw some bosche running around from shell hole to shell hole so we shot at them and think we hit some. At present I'm on the 12- 2 watch and have 60 rounds to boost off during this time. I've just been up and had 30 fired and will do the other 30 in an hour. Very quiet up above now and Mr. Bosche appears to have retired for the night. So far I don't mind this business one little bit but shall likely be fed up with it very soon. Our turn at the O.P only comes about once a week so it's not so bad as it seems is it. However, I won't kick when I leave for Ottawa.

I suppose you've been out to Aylmer by now. Have you finished the boat yet? I bet you have a tough job putting on the canvas.

Well, Dad, must go up and poop off those other 30 as a good night to Fritz. Best love to Ella and Nen and Grandma,