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Date: May 2nd 1917

3rd Army Art. School

May 2nd 1917

Dear Dad:-

I got a bunch of letters last Sunday afternoon and sure was pleased to hear from you all. Grandma has still got you all skinned and you're last, you blighter. The magazines sure were welcome and everybody's been bumming them off me. Shall hang on to them in order to get on the right side of my Major when I go up the line. Nothing more in that line has happened so far but I guess they'll send some up soon although they may keep me back on account of my age. However we are all hoping for the best as we might as well be in England as here.

The other day a train of [censored]

I got my boots this aft. and they sure are corkers. Nice and light and fit like a glove. Thanks very much. It's darn tough luck I bought another pair but I wrote for these about 3 weeks before I'd heard about coming out here and of course, not knowing what I was in for I bought them. I'm what the English would call a B.F. (Think it out!) However I can make good use of them both but the point is I was rushed 30 bucks for the others and I like these much better.

Well, Dad, keep up the good work with the magazines and keep everybody up in the collar with the letters.

Love to all.