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Date: March 3rd 1917

Officers Rest House and Mess.

March 3rd 1918

Dear Ella:-

Am on my way back to the battery now after a rotten crossing. I was never so nearly seasick in my life and didn't feel happy till next morning. We arrived here last night about 4.30 and were told the train left at 10 A.M. this morning. It left at 9.20 so we have to wait till 3.30 this aft. Here's hoping it doesn't do any funny stunts this trip, as it is I cant get to the wagon lines before dark as I have a suit case full of novels to lug with me 4 miles. I'm going to try and beg a lift from some kind hearted A.S.C. driver. Wish me luck!

They tell me that all is still peaceful and the offensive hasn't started yet. I think the Boche is just putting up a big bluff myself. Anyway he'll get it in the neck if he does get frisky as we're all ready for him.

The weather is rotten, cold, windy and plenty of sleet and rain.

Must close now. I had a peach of a leave. Love to Nen & Dad.