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Date: June 30th 1917

C/62 Battery R.F.A.,
B.E.F., France


Dear Nen:-

Am on night O.P. just now and have nothing much to do at present as everything is very quiet. It is also raining so I am sitting on the steps of the dug out writing on my notebook as my pad is back at the battery. It's been raining all day so we sat in the mess while the Major taught "Blanco", Capt. Le Blanc Smith, and I how to play bridge. Of course we're still very vague as to the diff. between a "Royal" and any other hand but we're getting on to it. It's quite a lot like 500 isn't it? We are the only battery of the brigade left in the forward position, all the rest cleared out and moved back. However, we hope things will be quite quiet now and the shells will go over us. We have a good dugout of our own and one of the battery on our left so are well off for "funk holes".

Any news of Les Gordon. I've written him "umpteen" times but have had nothing from him for a long time.

That was quite a decent book you sent me and sure was welcome as all reading material is.

Must close now as there is no more news, love to all.