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Date: June 28th 1917

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June 28th 1917

Dear Ella:-

How are things going now? Any more word from Boston? I suppose you'll want to take Paddy along too. Just got a letter from Grey and he's O.K. Having a little trouble now and then with "seam squirrels" but luckily I've dodged them so far. Tell Nen the B.V.D's fit me fine. I haven't stopped blowing about how clean I feel yet.

How's Aylmer getting along, tell Lawrence Brown he's a dirty slob for not writing. I hear there's a lot of trouble about this conscription and I think the liberals with that old wop Laurier ought to be lynched. I believe it's gone through though so they can't do much. It's about time something like that happened as we can use all the men that come out.

How is the tennis coming along? You can have my racket if you like. I wouldn't mind a few sets, a swim, an ice cream cone, and a dance myself. Those are my 4 wishes at present.

No news, must can this best love to Nen; Dad and all at Aylmer.