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Date: June 21st 1917

C/62 Battery C.F.A.,
B.E.F., France

June 21st 1917

Dear Ella:-

How are things going now with you anyway. You sure did blow yourself to a bunch of letters anyway and, say, was I glad to get them! I got 13 last night and as I've run out of reading material I kept them all till my watch which was 2- 4 it took the two hours to finish them too. That's some picture of the purp you sent me but I must say I'm not stuck on the other two. What happened? Dad generally takes a decent picture anyway but ------------ ! However, I was darn glad to get them. It's been fairly quiet here lately and we've all rested up. Am quite O.K. from my gas tiff once more.

Must close now, love to all.