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Date: June 12th 1917

C/62 Battery R.F.A.,
B.E.F., France

June 12th 1917

Dear Ella:-

Was awfully pleased to hear from you and you sure did spread yourself. I wouldn't worry so much about going away to train for nursing as believe me you'll want to be back in Aylmer before the summer is out and anyway you know what a bum bunch the Yanks are on the whole. I wouldn't mind being home at present, the war is over if I had the chance. We've been having very hot weather and I was up at the O.P. with the Major and we sure were hot. Have had a very peaceful time the last week but we're not kicking any. Someone being hit by a shell is not the most pleasant way of breaking the monotony and I'm not aching to contribute some amusement by being smeared over the landscape.

Well, how's the purp coming along, any funny little tricks up against the piano bumming around the parlour. By the way, I forgot to tell Nen that I paid Dr. Somers his bill all right and got a receipt but don't know where it is. The dirty crook, trying to slip one over on us!

I suppose you had a wonderful gossip at Billings as both you & Aunt Muriel mentioned it in your letters. Aunt Muriel's a peach, She's written me a lot. You know I wrote a letter to Aunt Ida hoping to put some guts into Shirley, well I got a swell letter back promising me several parcels and socks! What do you know about that. I expected to get a stinker back from them.

Our mess caved in on us at tea today. Its only a few sheets of corrugated iron and hardly even keeps the rain out, however, we have a fatigue on it now and it's coming along O.K. Had good bath at Wagon Lines the other day. Awfull job with my socks and nearly had to use my gas helmet. Hoping yours are the same.