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Date: July 11th 1917


July 11th 1917

Dear Dad:-

Got a letter from Nen and Ella the other day and also a Saturday Evening Post with Life & Puck in it. The cover of Puck is much admired ad we have it hung in the mess. Nothing much doing until this morning when we fought a bit. The sun has at last condescended to come out and shine a bit so things are getting dried up.

The seam squirrels are getting worse & worse! I had a bath the other day and haven't caught one yet but, I got a sneaky feeling that they're still with me. Tell Nen to send out that louse-proof underwear as soon as possible and I'll give it a work out. It's getting hard to go to sleep even as you have to scratch and scratch! I think that the chalk has a lot to do with it too as it gets into the pores of your skin and it needs umpteen hot baths to get rid of it.

No news of our coming out to rest yet but we are banking on the end of the month.

Sorry there's no more news to tell but apart from the excitement of getting something close it's really very boring and not much glory attached to it any way you look at it. However we're here to end it. Love to all.


Write soon.