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Date: February 25th 1918

Regent Palace Hotel,
Piccadilly Circus
London, W.

February 25th

Dear Nen:-

Today is your birthday so let me wish you many happy returns although they will arrive rather late. I expect to meet Geoff at 4 this afternoon as he has got leave. So far I've met "Bunny" Thackray, "Gig" Menzies, and Allen Parker. When you are with a bunch however, it isn't so lonely and we sure have had a peach of a time. I suppose I'd just better do the same as I did in my last letter and use my diary.

Tuesday 20th

Arrived at Liverpool 4 P.M. Just caught 5.20 to London by the skin of our teeth. Arrived at Regent Palace Hotel 10 P.M. in the dark. No tipping. Bed 12

21st Wednesday.

Breakfast at 10. Walked around and took bus rides. Went to a movie in the afternoon. D.S.O's and M.C's are thick and everybody seems to have been wounded at least once. It's hard to get on to the talk and always have to have it repeated. We went to Vanity Fair at night. Swell Nelson Keys, Gina Palermo, Regine Flory

22nd Thursday

Registered at High Commissioner's. Met Gig Menzies and went to Zig Zag in the afternoon great. George Robey and Daphne Pollard were very good also Shirley Kellog. Walked around for awhile then had tea at the Cave Tearoom. Quite a nice place. Went to movie at night and saw Gig off for Edinborough. Ordered breeches in the morning

23rd Friday.

Went all through the Tower of London in the morning and stayed in and rested part of the afternoon. Went to Three Cheers at night. Harry Lauder was a corker and so was Blanche Tomlin. Ethel Levey isn't so bad an actress but is not good looking.

24th Saturday

Got measured for undress in morning and went to High Jinks in the afternoon. Funniest Play and the prettiest women in it I have ever seen. Met Al Trorey one of the fellows from the College who took R.F.A. in afternoon. He told us the work was not very hard and we are treated O.K. if we act decently.
So you can see from all this the swell time we are having. We do have a hard time walking around at night as we are always being stopped but can take care of ourselves all right.

I hope you are all well at home and things are going along all right. A train of wounded arrived last night and the streets were full of ambulances. Love to all with lots for yourself.