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Date: February 10th 1918


Feb. 10th 1918

Dear Ella:-

Nothing stirring has happened lately and we haven't had a shell fired at us for weeks. I'm due for Liaison duty for 4 days starting this afternoon and it's raining now and it's a 3 mile tramp it doesn't look like a cheerful prospect.

I heard from Des MacMahon that there would only be one mail to and from Canada a month! Gee! I hope it isnt right as it surely would be a horrible war if that was all we got. What's the navy payed for anyway?

To get back to the old question, I believe my leave will come around on the 16th and I hear that nearly all the shows in town are good. I hope it doesn't rain all the time when I'm there but you know what English weather is. I think I'll visit Carlisle for 3 or 4 days and spend the rest of the time in London or Scotland but I haven't decided yet.

Glad to hear everything is going well at home. Must close now. Love to Nen & Dad.