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Date: December 16th 1917
Nen, Dad, Ella, Momo

Dec. 16th 1917

Dear Nen, Dad, Ella & Momo: -

The Christmas parcel arrived last night and, believe me, it was a corker.

You sure are some knitter Ella. My socks have been wet the last 2 weeks and it certainly was great to put on a dry pair to sleep in.

Momo's sweater was very welcome and necessary too. The one grandma made was a little smaller so I wear Momo's over it. They both go under my tunic and I'm good and warm without a coat.

I sat up till 9 last night reading the books and they're corkers. I'm in the middle of "the hidden Witness" and one of the other fellows is deep in Sherlock Holmes now.

It's been cold and rainy the last few days but we've made life even more miserable for the Bosche by shelling him the whole time.

With luck we may be "out" for Christmas. Here's hoping! As soon as we do we're going to start arranging for a big blow out for the men. We've 2000 francs in the Battery fund which ought to buy lots of Beer, cigarettes and pork. I hope it doesn't rain or hail for it.

I expect it's great weather at home now with lots of snow and ice. The, "Canada Xmas 1918" hope will come true maybe. I sure would like to be there this one you bet.

Still, even if we're not out our dugouts will be ready and we'll have quite a decent time here.

News has just come in that C/62, our battery is to be specially mentioned in dispatches for good work in this show down here! Pretty good isn't it? There's no flies on us even If we do say it who shouldn't. And the best of it is it's all coming to the battery as we surely did do well. In fact our divisional artillery did more to hold up the Bosche than any of the others. So please drink C/62's health in tea on Christmas day or soon after. There's nothing like blowing yourself up is there?

Well, we're all happy here anyway and when we do go out will probably get a cushy part of the line so don't worry about us for 3 or 4 months anyway.

Thanking all of you again for the parcels and good wishes and wishing all of you just as many as you wish us.

With lots of love.