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Date: August 9th 1917


August 9th 1917

Dear Dad:-

Have surely been earning my huge salary lately. I've had Day O.P., Liaison and night O.P. all in a string with one day in between. Did night O.P. last night and although everything was extraordinarily quiet it was darn cold and the mosquitoes pretty bad. However I won't have any more to do for a while now thank goodness. The weather has been punk lately. Sun shines morning then it rains all afternoon.

Got a letter from the Women's Canadian Club the other day telling of a parcel sent to me but haven't got it yet. I'll wait a while then I'll write and tell them. Am getting the magazines all right now and they sure come in handy.

Absolutely nothing to tell this trip as we're leading a quiet and very boring existences. May get English leave about October now.

Better close now. With best love to all.