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Date: August 3rd 1917


August 3rd 1917

Dear Nen:-

My letters have been coming in very well indeed and I got the Vox and two parcels of magazines. It's been raining off and on every day for the last week and the mud is getting pretty bad. Just bad enough to give me an idea what it must be like in winter.

Sent a napkin ring and a paper knife souvenirs home last night. Please let me know if they arrive O.K. and I can send some other junk. If you don't want the stuff you might hand it around as they really are only for kids. Have not choked a Bosche with my hands and taken his beautiful helmet off. They don't wear ‘em now. It's funny, some wear tin hats and some just their little caps on the top of their heads. Their tin hats come down over their ears and neck better than ours but they won't stop a bullet so that kind of washes them out.

We fought a bit last night and I had to go up about 12 at night for certain private reasons and the dirty dogs started to 4.2 us just in front. I had a very timid one you bet and just as I was on the top rung of the ladder one came right over and blew in the trench just behind me putting a lot of mud over me, and frightening me I can tell you.

This pad has a very classy name, Artistic Onion Skin so whenever we want to write you hear pass the Artistic Onion Skin please. It's pretty cold today and I've lost the lines out of this pad so please excuse the bum writing.

Got a letter from Aunt Muriel last night and as usual it was a corker. Please send me some Pebeco Tooth Paste as it's rotten stuff we get over here.

Am hoping to wrangle some Paris leave in a few weeks so my bank balance is sure to take a big slump. Got a letter from Jesse Carrick and answered it. She wants me up there on leave but don't know whether I will or not. However, its in the dim darn future.