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Date: August 29th 1917


Aug. 29th

Dear Ella:-

Awfully glad to hear from Nen and Grandma last night. You're mistaken about Des. being wounded however as at present he is on leave burning up London. I heard from him a few days ago and he is feeling fine. Tell Nen the picture was a corker and as I'M GOING ON LEAVE SOON! I'll be able to get a decent thing to hold it. I can't be bothered lugging that great big photograph case around with me. Will surely write and tell you what kind of a time I have on leave. I don't think I'll go to Scotland as there seems to be an awful lot of shows in London that want attention and I'd hate to miss any.

I'm on Liaison tonight and am awfully scared to take any chances before my leave comes as if I'm to get pipped I don't want it till I come back from it.

We've been having rotten weather lately and it's been raining and blowing all the time. The mud has got a good start and when I had to rise about 3 A.M. the other night and do a swift trot one of my boots came off and I was running in a sock Gee! it was punk. Nothing exciting has taken place since last I wrote and I'm in no hurry for it. Humph Gilbert from Toronto may be on leave when I am. Here's hoping we meet as London isn't any wonder when you're all alone. Glad to hear the boat's such a howling success and will probably be over to run it in a few years if the war ever stops and nothing happens.

Hope Grey lands safely and it ought to be great to have him back. He'll be able to tell you all that it isn't nearly as bad out here as it sounds and we all manage to put in the time somehow you know.

Must close now. Love to all.

Bev x x x x x x x