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Date: August 23rd 1917


August 23rd 1917

Dear Nen:-

Got letters from Dad and Ella last night and was glad to hear that the boat was all right once more. Have been doing lots of work lately and haven't had a good nights rest for over a week now.

Just heard from Des MacMahon last night with the news that Geof Benson was wounded also Jack Price Benson is doing well I believe but Des isn't so sure of Jack as he was a stretcher case. We're hoping he got a cushy one in the leg however.

The weather has been quite great lately, no rain at all and everything has dried up well. I found that there are several fellows between me and my leave now so it is still in the distance. However, I'm not worrying over it as I probably won't have such a peach of a time as I would if some of the other fellows were coming too. Des hopes to go in a week now.

Had a good bath in Arras the other day also a good lunch and haircut at the Officer's Club but this only seemed to stir the blighters up and they are still as bad as ever. They sure are rotten and I scratch all day and half the night.

The Major is on leave now and Blanco (Capt) is up with us. He and Browning started quizzing me on ancient history and literature. He was at Cambridge and Browning used to be a schoolteacher. They asked me who wrote and when it happened of nearly every book you've heard of and about umpteen more. What did Caedmon write? etc. This was to prove that Canada wasn't so civilized as England. However, I always fall back on size and tell them how many times England will fit into lake Superior etc.

Must close now as dinner is ready. Love to Dad Ella and the bunch. Keep up the letters.


A couple of the same pencils as before would be useful. With clips on them.