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Date: August 20th 1917


Aug. 20th 1917

Dear Nen:-

I guess I've missed a mail this time but have been rather busy lately. O.P.'s come around every second day now and I am on tonight. Am getting the magazines from Dad all right and my letters are coming in fine. I haven't got the Women's Canadian Club parcel yet and it must have gone astray somewhere. It hasn't arrived at the 3rd Army Artillery School as I got a letter telling me so. I got the drop cookies and maple cream and all the socks. Have plenty of socks now and please hang on to the rest of them till the winter as I'll need all I can get then.

The Major went on leave today and as I'm next in the Brigade I ought to go in a few weeks now so I won't have to worry about going to Paris. I'll likely take a trip to Scotland and see Edinburgh! Don't know if I'll go to Biggar as I'll only have ten days and will want to have a good time while it and the money lasts. However, I've made no definite plans yet as it's quite possible leave may be canned.

We had another officer attached to us for a few days to fill up a bit while Maher and Browning were away. Warren is his name from Montreal so we both enjoyed each other's company you can bet. He came out with the 1st Contingent and was all through the 2nd Ypres show. He was quite a decent fellow and we were all sorry to see him go today as Browning is back again. The Gramophone is coming on later with lots of ragtime and all the latest songs so the time may pass a bit quicker now.

I got letters from Laurence Gerald and Aunt Muriel and a good one from Uncle Bob. Glad to see he's sticking it and taking things as they come as it's the only way.

However, I don't intend to leave the dugout any more than possible till I get back from leave!

Please thank Ella for the eats and tell her we're still hungry. The drop cookies were almost too good. Hope you are all going strong as we are out here. The weather is great and we've no kick coming whatever. Must close now. Best love to Dad, Ella, and the bunch at Aylmer.