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Date: February 22nd 1917

Bramshott Camp
Feb 22nd/17

Dear Father:

Here I am again we have been put in quarantine for mumps for 33 days and we went in yesterday. I like that fine (I don't think) this is the third time since coming over here mumps seem to go some when they get a start among men. I didn't get a letter from you last week but they say there was a long mail came in this a.m. so will likely get it tonight or at [?] I hope I do. it is two weeks yesterday since Spence left for France and I haven't heard from him yet. I don't know where he is. Some say they went to France and some say not. but he has likely written to you before this you will know more about him than I do

we have a violinist in this hut so it makes it a lot better we had some dance last night. Some of the fellows acted as girls we had some great fun. Sadie wrote me she said it didn't seem right for them to have a good time while we were over here but I think you all can have a good time to have it while you have a chance. this war will not always continue we might be better off for coming over. I hope we are. we have been out of potatoes for a week or so but some came in today they seem to be pretty scarce here. we get lots of meat. I had a great time two or three weeks ago. my first experience with lice. I had to burn one suit of underwear. I either got them from the fellow I was sleeping with or out of the straw tick but I got clear of them after a while but I changed bed mate.

it has been pretty wet weather this last week but this is a fine day. they don't have much sun here in the winter time. I had my picture taken a few days ago. I don't think it will be much good. it was a flash light. what is Alf [?] going to do. I hear they have passed a law that every body has to have a good reason for not enlisting. but be sure you hold onto Gow because if he could come he would never fo to France with his eyes fellows wearing glasses mostly stay here in Eng. and it is rotton. they have old fellows here going around with canes who ought to be home on the farms they could do some good there but not here so be sure and don't let him come. well I don't know what kind of a scribble this is. Pretty hard place to write every body talking and jumping around and don't you [?] this paper. alright for a kid going to school I guess there is nothing more I can write about Perhaps I will ad some more tonight if I get a letter

with Lots of Love to all
Aff. Son Donald

#283524 17 Reserve Ball
E Coy
Bramshott Camp
Hunts Co.

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