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Date: February 12th 1918

Feb 12

My Dear Jessie:

Just a few lines I got you letters of the 9th of 15 last night awfully glad to hear from you. I don't what keeps the mail so long getting to you I write about every week. Sometimes more often but I surely hope you have heard from me before this. I also had a nice letter from Sadie and from Cod. Glad to hear that Sadie has a [?] I don't know about she has done without one this long but she well appreciate all the more over. I will be glad when I get back and can listen to your play. I am going Scotland in a few days and will end you some music if I can get any hope you have had the driver[?] to Shub[?]. before this we are having Pretty warm wether I guess the winter is about over here.

Good for Mary [?] she has got a man at last. but poor [? Jennie] I suppose she will be next she ought to be able to get one if Jennel[?] can. but I don't suppose she is so easily pleased.

Are you doing all of the work now at home "or have you a girl?" I don't know whether Spencer and Daisy [?] were corsponding[?] [?] or not. I guess they used to write once in a while.

I guess those Pictures are not going to get go home although. I wish they would the lady told me they were good.

Suppose Edith Lindsey is home befor this I was speaking to munroe last night he was hoping she would Stay for a while.

Sadie told me that Aunt Annie got quite a shaking up the time of the explosion. you ask me if we wear Kilts we do not. Stan had his Picture taken in Eng I guess he has seen enough of France. it doesnt take long for a fellow to get fed up with it here.

Why don't you get your teeth fixed if they ache so you can enjoy the ice when it is good.

yes..jessie I knew Cpt Duyer he started to France the same time as I did. you ask if each man take a turn at this job I have. no I got it because the toher fellow was gassed at Paschendale. and hope I can hold on to it. well i guess there is nothing else today. Love to all.

bye bye
Loving Bro Don

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