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Date: February 11th 1917

Bramshott Camp
Feb 11th/ 17

Dear Father;

well they have moved us around so much lately it makes the mail unsteady I hav'nt gotton any mail from you this week. So will not be able to write much of a letter I always like to have a letter to answer I seem to be able to write more. I have been on Pickit to-day. I think it lasts for three weeks there are. So many huts in quarantine 17 I think. So we have to guard them Vic has been in for three weeks and there were five more cases broke out in his hut Today so he is in for three more weeks quite a while to be shut up I Put in today for a pass to go and see Spencer but they went to France this a.m the 17th Batt took us over or supposed to but I guess it is the other way. The 219 took the 17th over. our colonel is in Comand of the 17 and out Second in command is Second in Comand of the 17th and we have the same adut[?]. those were dandy snaps Jessie sent me. I wanted to let Spence see them before he went but could'nt get up.

I Saw Dr. McKinnon yesterday. he is looking about the same. also saw Bill Charwood. you remember him dont you.

I Sent out to town for those songs I Promised to send Jessie a wile ago but I don't think he will be able to get them. we are having some N.S wether here this last month had about four inches of snow. the other day and about [?] wether if you have any more heavy socks I wish you would send me a pair or two the roads are so hard here that thin socks are not pouch good. but don't go to any trouble abot them I hate to Send to you for so much Stuff we are drilling Pretty hard these. Start in the a.m 740 until one, and from 2 to 5 We don't have much time off. how does Pid B[?] now like soldiering by this time it is foolish for a boy to inlist if he is not old enough. if a fellow comes over here under 19 they will talk him to France. and a fellow gets so sick of it. Stoyeny[?] around this long. Pretty tiresome drilling for two or three years of course I hope. none of us have to stay in this army that long. the W.S.a seems to keep out of it welll I saw by todays paper. they are going to ask for 25 000 recruits. Well father hear Iam again. Sunday afternoon by no more knews. I guess. as it is nearly three oclock and I have to go on guard. I will stop for now

with Lots of Love to all
Aff Son Donald

17th Reserve Batt
Bromshott Camp
Honts Co

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