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Date: January 21st 1917

Bramshott Camp
Jan. 21st/17

Dear Sadie:

You letter read yesterday was awfully glad to hear from you. we have had some day today Sunday and all. have been to the ranges all day my feet are pretty sore. tonight it has been snowing and raining and has frozen. it is awfully slippery. it is about six miles down and seems about nince back have to walk that every day for about two weeks when we get used to it.. it will be alright. they say we are going back to witley. don't know whether it is time or not but hope it is. the 85 hasn't gone yet. don't know when they will. Perhaps we will be there before them yet. I think I wrote to you and told you we got your box it was certainly good cake. you don't get much like it over here. I was never so mad at any place as I was at this place last night I tried all over the place to get a wheel to go to witley and couldn't get one wouldn't let them go after night some plase this they or to old to wake up. [?] must be pretty busy tracking and in the foundry too. I guess the play at Musq. came off fine this year. I have gotten two or three letters from you. I think three and one card which I think I answered. I tink Ned and Ray are safe enlisting they will not likely see the front. Perhaps not England. I hope not. I am glad Jack was turned down. the soldiers is a bad place for a young fellow who has never been away from home The Germans will sure never get Peace until they come to our terms not us coming to theirs but I think there will be a change before long. I think Roy and [?] will have their hands full. Fran McDonald is behind you. you would think a fellow would be lonesome here but I haven't been yet. I don't know about Doug Burris he always seems happy. but he doesn't seem to have the fun in him as before he enlisted. I think it would be foolish for Hed to enlist he wouldn't feel like going as a Private and I think they have lots of officers. If I were him I would stay where he is of course he might feel like it but if I was just married I don't think it is right for a man to get married and then enlist if he wants to enlist let him do so before hand let the girl wait until he come back. of course it is none of my business. what part of France is Harry Clark at?

I got the socks which Jess sent they are dandy. don't talk about skating if we have som skating here it would be much better but we will not always be here we are having a lot of fun. as well as work. they are pretty strict here. at this camp. I has a letter from father the same day as I got yours. Father told me you sang better than ever when you were [?] he says they are pretty lonesome.

well I guess I must say good night
with Lots of Love to you and the rest.
Aff Bro Don
no 283524
219 Bn D. Coy.
Bramshott Camp
Hunts Co.

I forgot to tell you I want a snap of you. I got one of John is was an old one but it is good all the same
Send one of you both if you have one.

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