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Date: June 6th 1918

June 6..18

Dear Jessie

Just a few lines this A.M. to let you know that I have been looking for a letter for some little time. I suppose it will come sometime in the near future. Sometimes the mail is held up for quite a while and I guess this is one of the times. I suppose you have seem Vic and how is he? Do you think he has changed much or any?

Did I ever till you we had the Kilts? I have not mine yet but will in a few days they are the argile and Sutherland very nice looking Kilts they are alright for dress but I don't like in the trenches especially when the mud is bad and that is often the case over here.

Have you got a car yet this spring is Gower still against for the McLaughlins cars? I would sure like to have one of those cars. I would be satisfied with a Ford for a while I think.

I guess they have stopped all parcels coming from Canada. I think if it is so that it is a pretty raw deal altho I guess we need the men more than the boxes.

I suppose Father got my letter a few days ago. this is a perfect morning.

Jessie do you know where Violet Prest is? Anna Creighton told me a short time ago that she was in Hfx but I don't know the address.

What is Glen P. doing? I suppose he will be called up now.

Is Alf Guild home yet or have they taken him? Poor old Alf he will probably shed a few tears when he has to leave home. Do you even hear how Dan Logan is making out at the school? I wonder how he likes it. We have a dandy Pipe band now it is great to march too. although I don't do much marching. I let my pencil drop and broke the led left my knife in the hut so will have to finnish out with the pen.

Did you ever write back to the McKay girl that wrote you from Scotland. Did I ever tell you that the woman Mrs Hutton that she livede with was the wife of Mr. Hutton who stated the institution of the Deaf. in Hfx. some years ago of course he died and she came back to Edinburgh. There is not very much news I can assure you, there has been some quite hard fighting lately, but I guess they have firm[?] stopped in his advance I hope they have anyway. Have you got the tennis Court fixed up yet? I suppose you have no one to fix it up except Gower and Harold. I hope I will have a chance to play some this summer, but a person can never tell what will hapen. I will wait until tonight and will probably get a letter from you before I mail this.

Have asked you at the first this letter how Vic is but I have received you letter which tells me. I never thought he would be home by this time the morning he left us. He [?] with me the night before he went away. Very glad to know that he is home where he can take care of himself.

I have also asked you where Violet Purst is how is Violet? I suppose she is just the same old girl. yes I would like to see letter [?] and bug Jack also. Well I suppose Sadie will be home by the time you get this it will be very nice to have her home and nice for her to be home. I would like to be going home for a while. How is Kenneth getting along this spring? I had a letter from him some time ago I guess he is busy

Is Mr MacIntosh away now? I suppose he is. Well I think I have to close this up for this time. Oh yes you remember Faulkner who taught up home? I had a letter from him yesterday he is in Bentley Alberta. Just sounds to be the same lad.

XX Lots of Love to all
Xxxxxxxx Loving Bro Donald
Ps xxxxxxxx

Excuse the pencil and assortment of paper. Tell John that Mr. Shields wishes me to thank him and be remembered to him

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