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Date: June 2nd 1916

Aldershot, Kentville
June 2nd/16

Dear Jess

Have at last we Have had some time we got here about two o'clock didn't get any tea to night only what we bought at Cantun I thought this was the last place to come too Saw Spence as we were marching but could not find him to night the worst of it is that a fellow come down he has been sick for two or three days and when he got here he reported sick So we are quarantined (for measles) thats makes it worse Victor and I have a tent all to our selves yet till Doug comes back. All the boys are singing to night we have our candle going tonight. We were out to Mc Curdys last we all went out to the arm had a fine time would like to be there tonight there are some men here and tents it is pretty nearly 10 o'clock lights have to be out not much to write about Violet Brist[?] was to come home tonight would like to see her well I think I mst Close with much love Don.

A Company No3 Platoon
Aldershot Camp

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Original Scans