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Date: July 8th 1917

July 8th/17

Dear Jessie:

Just a few lines tonight it is getting late for a soldier we were on a route march yesterday and when we came back last night I had to go on guard and I am pretty tired tonight the boys all seem happy tonight they are acting the [?] in good shape

well Jessie there is not much to write about I had four letters today one from Ellen and one from Sadie She seems quite happy says they have a nice flat. Cpt. Clarke is in this Batt. now as Chaplain and [?] officer. I was talking to him yesterday he is sure a nice man glad he is with us. Spencer is writing tonight I guess he has closed his envelope and I will use another. Ellen said that John just passed in his car he must be feeling pretty good again I am glad he got well so quickly if he doesn't work hard.

I guess the boys who are around not doing much with have to enlist. I don't know I hope they will never see the Germany line. I hope the war won't last that long

would be writing to go home any time now if the war would stop but that looks to be a long way off well I must close for this time

with Lots of Love Aff Don

July 9

I started this letter yesterday but today I got your letter which was written [?] 20. we just got a new draft today [?] [?] is with it he is just some old boy.

I hear that Mrs John Broson is back that's nice Father will like to see her coming to the store to get a [?] of flour on [?] but she will no likely get it. Is [?] Dean old enough to enlist? So old McEven White had to enlist after all. do you like the horse as well as the car. or tin [?] as you call it? did you write the [?] this year or are you working on a farm like the rest of the girls and boys I guess you have had enough to do with out that you deserve a good time this summer. and I hope you have it.

how is HB getting along with the cars? well Jessie I guess this is about all I can scribble tonight I guess I owe [?] a letter I must write him and Father.

Love to all
Aff Bro D

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