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Date: November 11th 1916

Witley Camp South
Nov 11th/16

Dear Jess:

Just a line. I don't know what there is to say but I haven't heard from home since I came over but suppose it will come next week I heard Bob wife had a boy Suppose he is as proud as a kitten. the camp is Quarantine with Spinal Meningitis . Young Burnette died the other night suppose you know. he had brights disease with it he wasn't very strong anyway. Well I had a great time at London lots to see if there had a great trip over a lot of the boys were inoculated yesterday and they all pretty sick today Nic and I got all of ours at Aldershot thankful to say. this Place is too old for me. they can't cook like they can in Canada even their chocolates are not as good. but they can put the price on. Suppose you have all the work to do if Sadie has gone. would like to be home when she is married but perhaps I will be there when you get married but I hope before. don't know whether Vic and I can stay in the pipe band or not there is some talk of breaking it up and there will be only six left in that all there is aloud to go to the front as pipers Saw Spencer the other night he said he thought they were going to get the kilts but I don't think any of us will well it will soon be xmas if we are here I think I will go to London. this Country is not as warm as I thought it would be it is pretty cold lot of rain since we came over. it great fun getting used to the menu here. Ervin McCurdy is here. Saw Dr. McKinnon the other day he is about seven miles from here. I saw Stan the day we got on the boat suppose he has been home since then hes John been of lately suppose the roads are beginning to freeze. the nearest town is about three miles away so we don't go very often. Nothing to do but read and play cards in the evenings. Well must take my clothes out to the laundry. well I'll try and finish this letter I was just out with my laundry and got something to eat before going to bed would like to have some ginger snaps tonight and [?]. I wrote to Bill Wicks the other day so if he got off for a few day he would know where we were if he wanted to know

this is not a good place to write. nothing to write about. I think I asked Gow to send me Mrs Matthew Reids add. if I did don't you let him forget she told me to drop her a card and I lost her add.

Doug was down to Liverpool for six he had a great time. the people are great over here they give us a good time when they can. the people of London were great Well how are all the people about Mesq.

Suppose all well. I think I will close for tonight with Much Love to All.
Aff Bro Don.

No 2835524
D.C. Reid
219 Batt. Canadian Inf.
12 training Brigade
Witley Camp South
Witley Surrey

if you don't want to write this add just put Army Post Office London

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