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Date: November 5th 1916

Witley Camp
Nov 5th/16

Dear Gow:

Just a line to let you know we are still here. Suppose Sadie has gone away. We had some time at London. well I came over here to see McCurdy tonight he is playing cards So I thought I would write to you. We are going on a route March in the A.M. that sounds good we had one the other day about 20 miles didn't mind it a bit only my socks were thin and my feet got blistered. I want you at home when you get some heavy in to send me two or three pairs. the roads are so hard here. but we have lots of rain it rains mostly all the time. rotton place this country soon as this war is over back to Canada for me. when is Sadie going to be married Suppose before you have time to answer this it takes so long for letters to go and come. Bill Hanna was at London for two or three weeks he left the day before we did he is looking well he is taking out a commission well I think he deserves it

Saw Bob Logan he is as fat as a pig. and Walter Murphy is here and brother, he looks just the same. Suppose Bob is some proud chicken now. do you know where Doug Reid is if he is in England, I might see him. get Mr. Matthew Reid address for me please if you can. Well must close for now. if you ever get stuck on my add first put Army Post Office London. but I will give it to you

D.C. Reid H.Q.Co.
219 Batt Con Inf
12 training Brigade con Inf.
Witley Surrey England

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