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Dear Father:

Just a line I got Sadies letter the other day. I am a church y.m.c.a. man now they just started singing. They had a great concert here last night, but I could not get to it as a lot of of the Battn tryd to skip out they got on the train at Kentville and the train would not pull out the [?] it but it was stoped and they called on us that were left to get rifles and clear the train and bring them back and we did it. I have been under arms all day and not clear yet they might call on us at any time for guard. the 85th have got guards out tonight. You will see Ralph Logan. he went with out a Pass, I was going to go but thought better of it. but it is a dirty way to use the men they promised them a pass but the could not get them. We are going to leave here next Friday, if the crowd gets back in time if they don't the 219th will likely be left behind. We will get our pass in England. Well I guess this is about all I can say this time. So will say good bye

With Love to All
Aff Son Donald

I have signed $15.00 over to you you will get it at the last of the month. if you don't let me know. it might be the first of next month sometime. Don.