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Date: June 14th 1918

June 14th/18

Dear Father:

Just a few lines in answer to your letter read night before last which I was very pleased to get

I intended to answer this yesterday but I had so much work to do that I did not get at it. I received the P.O order you sent some time ago. Just got it cashed a short time ago. I think [?] I told you in one of my previous letters they are a bother in this country the best way to send money is to register it. I always get it that way you can a 5 spot once in a while if you wish.

Well I should think Vic would be happy to be home again where he can take things to suit himself.

I thought I would get to England this summer to take a course in the flying Corps. but I guess I will not. I saw the Flying Corps officer yesterday and I guess I will not go. Not because I don't want to, but he will not accept me. I don't know the signals or motor Engines and I guess that is what they want the most.

The mail seems to be slow in going to Gow and comming to me but I hope you get all that I write. I think I get all of yours. We have a fellow here in my Coy from Mahone Bay. You speaking of John selling his horses makes me think of him he says John sure is good man with horses and you can't put anything over him in horse flesh.

Jessie says you have Violet I suppose she is just the same old girl. I am glad you are able to get her though. Jessie must have quite a bit of work to go.

I suppose Glen Prest got married thursday that would clear him from having to come over seas. Well there is not very much to write about from here. We are having fine wether have you a Car this summer? You will have to have one for when I get back home. I want to go on the road when I go back for a while. Will say bye bye Lots of love

to all Aff Son Don

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