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Date: March 25th 1917

Bramshott Camp
March 25 /17

Dearest Father,

Got your letter a few days ago which was written Feb 26. hope you are all well again. you must have had some bunch of letters to write when you got out. the warm wether will soon be hear I bet you wont be sorry. I got a box from Sadie a day or two ago.

We just got out of quarantine yesterday. I hope you will get those Picture taken off of the one you got from Shubenocader of Mother. I can hardly wait to see it be sure and get them as soon as possible.

There is not much to write about we are on the go most of the time Capt M.S. Det Singing School will be good for young folks this winter. will have lots to do this winter with the Shubenocader around so much.

you made some trade with Dick has old Tim got the leaves we had. You will have the colt soon. You certainly would enjoy Sadie visit and John's So you think John would be contented to stay at upp [?]. if he would go to mid musq he could do both with his Cor.

The mail was held up in Canada for three weeks that is why I got the mail all at once. The germans are certainly catching up now.

Poor old Stan is in the hospital is he. Poor fellow the fellows and girls seem to be having a great time going to the Camps. Bill Hamma it [?] with his course soon. don't know just where he is going then. Jessie asked me who I put the X on in that picture I sent of us boys in London. Perhaps it was Charles McEffery I forget that is a good picture of Doug and Spence I haven't heard from Spencer for three weeks. I think it is about time I was, I hope Jessie got those songs by this time it seems to be taking quite a while to [?] the 246.

Who did you have in the store when you were all sick. I [?] felt and better than I do this winter in health if I was in Canada everything would be O.K. if the war was over it wouldn't take me long if the ships would take me we were on a route march a few days ago out in the country it is certainly pretty around here I got a picture of the camp ground last night I will send in my letters opened the last one I got from Gower was. well I guess there is nothing more to write hope you will get those Pictures soon. [?] you and Jessie will write n a few days.,

With lots of love to all
Aff Son Donald

17th Reserve Batt
E Coy
Bramshott Camp
Hants Co

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Original Scans