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Date: March 9th 1918

March 9 18

My Dear Father

Just a few lines to day you will see by the heading of this where I am there doesn't seem to be much more to write here than in France we came to London Thursday 7, and came up here to day. It is some relief to get away from France for while and know that you can [?] about as you like. the people in London seem to be pretty shy of food especially meat and butter, sugar but here they seem to have lots of everything as long as I am away from France I would like to keep going right home. I guess Vic is going home soon. he is a lucky boy. I think he will get well in a short time over home I intended to go and see him before coming up here but will leave it till I go back well what do you think of the war? it looks about as near a finish as it did three years ago but I guess it must be nearer a finish I don't see how it can last much longer if those Russians would only stay with it it would help out a lot but I guess She is done. If Japan comes into it She will make a difference I think. There was a bombing raid the night we were in London. some of the People are awfully frightened there of course you can't blame them much you can never tell where those bombs are going to drop. I guess Old Fritz never gets over here. I hope he does not I would like to stay away from the sound of guns for awhile. It is eleven months since I went to France but it does not seem that long. We have seen some pretty hard fighting since that time. well Father I guess I will say bye bye for today will write again in a few days.

Lots of Love to All
Loving Son Don.

The Battalion was out on rest when I left have been out about a month. I guess they will be in the line again when I go back

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Original Scans