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Date: July 13th 1918

July 13, 1918

My Dearest Jessie,

Just wrote a letter to you this A.M. but will not mail it as I have just rec'd a letter from you and Father which I was very glad to get as I have not had any for about three weeks. I also rec'd the box of Chocolates which I am chewing at now. My they are good it is hard to get any over here at all. Sometimes we get some at the Y.M.C.A. but they are not so good as these are. I also had a box from Vida she is mighty kind to spend her money on Cho. for me. I will have enough to last me for a day or two all of the boys dig into them Doug and Munroe they know they are welcome to them while they last there is not very much to write about. There are some of your letters that I did not get the one telling me about Barney. Father tells me he got hurt but does not say here he days you told me.

It has boon raining this last day or so which makes things pretty dirty.

I had a letter from Erwin MrCurdy yesterday but some one had taken them. I don't know who it was, some people like to take things off of the bodies found in the field. All that the fellows that carried him out got off of him they gave to me that was the testament which I sent and a compass, a fountain pen which I lent to a fellow and he lost it in about ten minutes. It made me kind of sore but its no use to cry over spilled milk he had nothing [?] I got his pack but there was nothing in it personal you know we don't carry much around with us over here. Well I guess there is nothing more to write will have to close my Pen is empty if you are sending anything please send a bottle of fountain pen ink, tooth paste they are both so hard to get here I can not buy any now at all. Well thank you again for the nice box of Cho.

With Love to All
Loving Bro Don

Rec'd your letter Dated June 20th to day telling me about the Colt. It will be sure some loss to Mr D quite a nice [?] that Ned Snow got he seems quite well still at his old job. How is Jan[?] getting along? I hope as happy as ever Has Ellen left home yet? I suppose you have not seen Harold since he got his uniform.

Has Sadie been home yet? You will be glad to see her and she will be just as glad to get home I had a game of tennis a few days ago. Munroe and I played a couple of fellows. of course we kicked them the court was very poor. It is always getting better as they play on it.

We had a photo taken of the Batt a few days ago. I will send you one of the Coy when I get it if I can get ahold of one.

Yes things must see pretty slow in [?] now. I saw Premier Borden a few days ago he inspected the Batt. I see by the paper that W.R. McCurdy is in Eng and is expected over here. Where did he build his [?] in [?]?

I suppose there were quite a number taking the exam this year have you a Can? Erwin McCurdy told me you had. What kind has Mr. Snow got?

You speak of Spencers Personal belongings the two fellows that took him to the dressing station tried to get his watch and ring will write again soon.

Loving Bro Don

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