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Date: August 19th 1918

August 19, 1918

My Dearest Jessie,

Just a few lines to let you know that I read your very welcome letter last night dated July 18th quite a while on the way.

We are having fine wether. And for the work in which we have been engaged the fine wether surely makes things go a lot smoother here.

I have no news to write you this time.

Has. A.J. Reid set up business in [?] I heard he had. I suppose Tra M is still there?

I suppose Vic is at home. he will be awfully glad to get free again I hope we will be all home before a great while. it will soon be winter again. It looks as though we would have to put another winter in over here. I thought it would be over by this fall but does not look very much like it now, although the end is drawing hearer all the time.

I think I will have to ring off will write again when I have a better chance with lots of love to all.

Loving Son Don.

you might send me some more stationary when you get time.

I started to write this letter to you yesterday and last night I rec'd your letter so will try and answer it this a.m.

I had a letter from John some time ago saying they were going on a trip. glad they had a good time did you ever the letter I sent to [?] for Sadie?

What kind of a car has Ken now since Gower bought his?

Well I guess the war news is just as good now as it was when you wrote your letter. I will be very glad to get the box of eats. Comes in very handy.

Doug B. told me that Billie was going to be home this summer. Poor Doug, he was a great boy.

I don't know whether I got the box of Chocolates Sadie send me in April but I guess likely I did. I must have told her befor that I did I sure got the one you send. Also the $5.00 from Father a few days ago which came in very handy.

I think if I were in Major Clarke's place I would stay where I was (fit or no fit).
yes mill lake is a fine spot to spend a day or two.

I had a letter from Vida last night says she is going to business colledge. I wish I were going this winter just to get on to things a bit if I am not too old when I get back and can come up with cash I will try it for a while.

Well I guess I will close for this time.

bye bye
lots of love to all
Aff Bro Don

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