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Date: October 21st 1916

Witley Camp
Oct 21st/16

Dear Father:

Well we arrived here safely as you will know by this time. we had a dandy trip over the pond. only sick one day and not bad then. we got in Liverpool about 8 oclock wed night took the train Thursday about one oclock got to Milford St. that night. had about 35000 soldiers here Ervin McCurdy is here and two of Alfred Murphy's boys gone to Boston. Ervin Mc said we would be home for xmas dinner next year hope he is right. I got your letter after we got on the boat. the trains are small here but they go about twice as fast as they do home. we haven't done anything since we get here. the towns are all dark around here it would be a dandy trip in peace times the side walks at the nearest town are not wide enough for two to walk on. we don't get as good feed here as we did in Canada. the butter is not butter it is manufactured stuff all kinds of grease

the nearest town is about 3 miles. it is pretty cold here about the same as home the time changes about four hours. we are all getting a pass of six days we are going to London. we are going to find Bill Wick. he is around here somewhere

did you get word that the Glenpie was sunk. well it wasn't she is dandy just like a house. they say charges are cheaper here than they are home but I have not seen much difference they charge enough for most of things there are air ships sailing around here all the time. I suppose [?] but I guess we will live through it alright London is about 35 miles from here Doug is going [?] down to Liverpool tomorrow

Suppose you heard that Ervil sent a telegram. some of the fellows got pretty buggy coming over. but I did not get any. well I guess there is nothing else to write. Spencer is likely writing today so will close.

With Much Love at All

Aff Son Don

[Final page is various versions of Donald's address]

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