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Date: March 21st 1915

M.A.C. Winnipeg, March 21, '15.

Dear Clara: -

You have probably wondered why I have not written oftener, but you would not wonder if you saw the amount of work and other things it is necessary to get through here. I do not mean to say that we overwork but there is a continual round of various activities that take time and attention.

I am very sorry to hear about little Parkyn being sick. The poor little fellow must have found it hard to stay in bed so long, when he has always been so full of fun. I am very glad to hear that he is getting better and will soon be up again.

I was disappointed in not seeing Arthur when he was in the city. I did not know where he was staying; neither did Cora, and I tried several of the hotels to find if he was registered there but was not successful. I thought he would have phoned me.

I am getting pretty close to the finish of the last lap in College, - just two weeks till exams start. Between now and then, however, I have to a good many things to learn.

I remembered when the 14th came around that it was your wedding day and that it is eight years since that happy afternoon. It does not seem that long to me, though a good many things have happened in those years.

On account of this being our graduating year we have had an unusual number of banquets, dinners and other social events to take in and while they are very pleasant, I shall be glad when they are over, particularly when work piles up as it does.

At present there is a song service being held in the auditorium and things are rather quiet here. I thought I would stay away and get a few letters written. We have service out here every Sunday afternoon and get the best preachers of different denominations to come out.

I feel relieved that the last "Gazette" has gone to press. The work in connection with that has taken as much time as my regular work. We had our final meeting of the Student Body in connection with the Gazette on Friday night, elected the editor for next year, and listened to some College songs that were entered in a competition put on by the "Gazette" and for which prizes were offered.

I suppose it will not be long before the teams will on the land again. There was more snow here than farther West, so that it is not quite all gone yet, though the weather has been very mild for practically a month. I would like to see more snow. If we don't get it, it will probably be a dry year. I hope you have been able to get another girl. Mother was saying that the one you had was leaving. You must have a great deal of extra work with Parkyn sick. Don't overwork; enjoy life. It will keep you busy with the children.

I expect to be home about April 10th. By that time things ought to be in shape for work. I am hoping that by hard work for a couple or three years that we will get things in pretty fair shape in connection with the farms.

It is getting toward bed time now so I shall close for this time. If you have time to drop me a line before I leave here I should like it very much. With love to all the little fellows and an extra kiss for little Parkyn, and lots of love to yourself & Arthur

Your affectionate brother,


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