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Mrs. Richardson
Ed Banbury

Corp C. D. Richardson
No 475465 PPCLI

Buried at Lievin Cemetery just south of a very large french cemetery where there are thousand of old french graves and tomb stones that have been there for generations but at present about half of the tomb stones are upset and broken from shell fire it was under heavy fire from the German for sometime but they are trying to rearrange some of the stones its fenced with a strong iron fence and beautifully treed etc Canadian graves are in rows just south I should say annexed to the french grave yard which is a quite a hill and overlooking a beautiful valley for miles you can also see quite plainly the ruined city of Lens there is a small village at the side of the cemetery called Lievin but its in ruin today I might say Mrs Richardson your son is buried in a very nice spot with 780 boys if you would like any more particulars I shall be pleased to give it to you.

Yours in haste
Ed Banbury

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Original Scans