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Date: July 27th

R.A.F. Harwell
Berks Eng

July 27th

Dear Mother

Your long compete letter of July 12 th arrived here on the 24th going by way of Bramcote. It came airmail for three cents

Grandmother can't shake that trouble and if she wants to get the most out of her life from now on , she should be sensible enough to be obedient to the doctor's orders and her own physical capacities. It is unfortunate about Mrs. Herb. Old and sick people do become obstinate and lose all sense of realization of their frailties. She may linger a long while now and Herb will miss her many many times. They suited each other and always lived happily. The other sick ones are part of the blood and tears of life. I'm glad to hear that Grandfather has been so well this summer. He may overwork himself a few days of the year but on the whole he still has his head screwed on rightly during those last few years. I wish you didn't mention to others about the difficulties of parcels. It may be a bit of independence in me but things that I have asked from home mustn't be copied by outsiders. It is very thoughtful of Vivian to send the honey for you and I appreciate it but it lost it flavour [?] when someone else takes that place. I know that you are miserable at times and if Howatt comes across it isn't much of a burden for Lily or Estelle to help with sending just the few reminders from home regularly. Do not be overgenerous in sending large parcels. I do not need anything in the clothing line except those three combinations for the winter, so please don't throw away your money. Everyone has remained silent about Estelle going to P.W.C. or somewhere. The same happened about music last year. Every once in a while the rumor reaches me that I'm soon to leave for Canada. The last time Vivien asked. Let [?] it he known again I'm not volunteering to return until the war is over. How the Hell can one wage war over there and anyway I like England even if she is damn disappointing at times. Had a letter from Winfred to - day and quote " Elsie with the folks at home were to the Valley on a Sunday and had a good day, she said your mother was sort of expecting you back in Canada, as an instructor, any truth in that?" He is getting along OK and you can get his address from Elsie or mill River. Here is Orville's R. 88419, Lac. McAusland J.O., 3043 Echelon, 266 Squadron, Dunford, Cambridge. I shall write to Hubert Hall in a day or two. Let me know if you get his prisoner of war

Howatt will find the wireless training tough. He would never be able to cope as an observer and I believe that he could have learned to fly. A pilot is the key many during take-offs-and landings and a few other times but most of the time he is just " the driver" The important thing is to fly somewhere and get back to base and it is the navigators courses that mostly does this. Everyone has to find their own feet so I have no suggestions.

What is Vernon doing? Is there any mill liner news? The neat letter I hope to hear that you had taken a week off somewhere ? Did you have an xray yet Don't lave that later than a couple of more months. The harvest is ripening fast now and some of it is already cut. If Islanders saw how the Englishman uses all the odd corners and took a few lessons from the Experimentas [?] stations , he'd grow just a little more. It has been a very dry summer over here too. The hour is late and this is about all the news and views. Regards to all


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