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Date: April 17th 1943

near Lincoln LINCS. Engl.

April 17th 1943

Dear Mother.

It really is a long while again since last writing to you. I will write at least once a week and since there will be better air mail service during the summer will post my letters "by air".

Early summer arrives much sooner in England than at home but by now it should be getting pleasant over your way again. The daffodils and tulips are unfolding their faces to the sun and the country is quite green will all the trees waving their young green leaves

I had a long newsy letter from Vivien some time ago with a sweet Easter Card. How is Lily feeling now? Her operation was the only solution to the trouble. I wrote to Estelle the other night, more to give her the new address. I hope she gets along well in the final examinations in may. Howatt seems a long way off and postie [?] must bring him a letter to get all his news in return for the last six months. How is Ern Ellis? you wrote a few times months ago that he was in very poor health. There has been very few letters to or from my relatives over here for some time. Orville wrote in February but I haven't seen him since his Commission came through.

You are perhaps wondering what I am doing here. There is really no need to feel over anxious to know that I am back again for my second tour. I really was due back six months after Sept of 41 and had the privilege of joining a well experienced crew and on aircraft that one dreams about. To tell you the honest truth I would not have taken this on had I believed it was a doubtful move. I came up here a couple of days ago (Apr 14th) and we are on revision and conversion for the next month before going over with a few bundles for the squareheads I know that you will be feeling most anxious during those few months ahead but the time will soon pass and I know that God will be especially with us as were blessed in that first tour. I hope that we shall be writing at least two to three times per week and if you do the same, it will be much happier for us all.

My room-mate is in bed so shall write further in a couple of days

Love & Always Vincent

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