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Date: October 27th 1942

Oct 27th 1942

Dear Mother.

Your last letter was a long way after the one before, as I last wrote to you on the 5th.

I am real glad that the potato crop is so good. a fair or poor crop is a lot of hard work for nothing The other good news was perhaps a bit of decent blood coming into the herd of cattle. They do look after their stock and weed out the scrubs over here.

I have been wondering how Mrs Herb Macl. is recovering. So far the letter a week has had us reply from Hubert Hall. Do you know whether his mother or relatives have had an actual letter from him as a prisoner of war? I've wondered a lot about that seemingly good news through the indefinite channel. Incidentally has he been officially claimed as a Prisoner of war since the first report of "missing" was sent to his mother by the war office? Here is how the cigs from you have been coming in
1000 posted from Montreal June 12 rec'd July 15
1000 " " " July 15 " Aug 23
1000 " " " Aug 22 " Sept 23
If you sent some in Sept, they can now be assumed as overdue, however I still have enough till next month. Do you still send the order on a set date each month or is Montreal careless?

Estelle writes regularly and seems satisfied. I do hope that she will train herself to be alert in her work and play. There is no cause for alarm but one day she will understand that knowledge is power, control poise and a dozen things that raises one to the simple honest level of a life worthwhile. Lily will undoubtedly have to have her appendix out. Just as well not to delay it. Its late and there is no further news so will close for tonight

With love to All Always Vincent

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