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Date: July 14th 1942

P/o Macle - V.S. J 1530
R.A.F. Harwell
Berks Eng

July 14th 1942

Dear Estelle

It is a pleasant evening, a radio downstairs is singing and a good chance to write a bit of chatter.

All spring, England has been beautiful. There is a profusion of flowers in every home as well as the family garden. Whether one travels by rail or rood, you notice every little odd corner growing something. The summers are different to our hotter and sunnier weather yet it is quite pleasant. I didn't get the chance to buy a box of strawberries to be eaten by myself in an intoxicating feast but cherries, large, ripe, juicy ones were an abundant crop. There may be much more fruit grown in this part of the country than other parts of Britain. The haying is well along now, and the grain is heading out well too. Aunt Lil sent me "My yankee Mother" The family will enjoy most of it, even it doesn't go over (payingly) with the public. I shall finish reading the remaining hals to-night or even to-morrow evening.

How are the sick neighbors improving by now? It is good that Vivian can get home while her mother is poorly.

Mr. Roberts was a jolly visitor. He has grown almost too fat but is an excellent type of Padre with the chaps. [?] [?] and [?] are the usual type whom no one every bothers losing time to talk to. Are you contimplating RWC or any other high School this fall, Estelle? It is what you need as much you should have, and know, that there is no excuse whatsoever. Do you really think the year at home has been musically well awarded your letter come in to-day so this is only a promp reply and it will keep up that way as long as you are interested enough to write frequently even about the homey affairs. Send mother on Vacation.

always Vincent

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