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Date: February 22nd 1942

Feb 22 / 42

Dear Lily

I wrote mother the other night and lo & behold the letter is one of several yet not mailed. I haven't been able to get out for 3D. stamps to complete the airmail postage. There is really no further news to add to mothers chatter but since I usually make a habit of a couple of letters home per week I took up the pen to write Estelle. your letter popped out first, hence the change. One day in the week I'll come across Estelle's again and answer them.

Where shall we begin. You were telling me about Xmas at home for one thing, and the gifts Father Xmas and his associates had given each of you. It was impossible to go shopping during Dec and I really should have being thinking of it early in Nov Ones selection was also quite restricted along with the postal regulations. It may have seemed selfish not to have sent a few things home but I had hoped everyone would understand and not send gifts to the extent of extravagance Most of the parcels arrived before Xmas and the food and other luxuries went over well. It would not be surprising if the sending of parcels from the Dominions will one day be stopped including cigs. Shipping space is pretty precious.

you too have had a course last summer It is practical but sewing cooking and house hold management courses are really the ideal ones to take if it is possible, as they are invaluable to any woman, married or single. Could you learn the Art of hairdressing? It is a profitable vocation in any town. one thing you should avoid is working for a small wage. It doesn't pay in its results and recreational environments Try and chose you work that will give a comfortable living. This will demand of you a fitness, comparable to or better than you competitors. One with a bit of resourceful imagination, control, and cleverness can make success. One thing you, as a female must watch, is the deceiving world. you will meet pals, lads & lasses, who may appear as your best friends. Guard yourself, because, if a girl makes a wrong move she is ruined for a life time, wheras society unfairly forgives or forgets a man's mistakes.

At home you do have much more protection & freedom than realized yet I believe you can go out in the world meeting a hundred disappointment and come sailing through. What ever it is good Luck and God bless you.

This is the end of the page for tonight and will let some of you know regularily that all continues to go well over here. Write your letters more often. I'm not difficult to receive.


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