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Date: May 25th 1941

May 25 1941

Can R64564
Sgt Mac6. - V.S.
R A F Feltwell
Norfolk England

Dear Mother

Many thanks for the welcome letter I have wondered where and Howatt is since March 30. No letter has reached me that you wrote since Lilly was operated Aunt Lilly wrote me that news and although expected was surprised at the news. your A.M. letter of May 9th received on the 23 rd seems to give the hint that you have received very few letters. There has never been a week since March 1st that I have not written and as the parcel and cigarettes (1 carton) arrived I continued to mention it in the following letters
Whether my letters have had the ill fortune to go down or lost so methodical is doubtful. The only other possible place is the censor's waste paper basket. I have never written anything that would be to the enemies' advantage and if so those gentlemen never checked in with me. Beginning to-day this is letter no 1 and you can follow the sequence. Will you do the same and write not less than weekly? I never felt better than now and am getting along splendidly on the job. It is nothing to worry about. As soon as Howatt knows Orville's address I should be glad if he let Orville know that a letter from him this way would be most welcome. Im damned if I can guess what he might be in. More than likely he is too old for the air crew but his M.A. and PHD from Harvard should make him a useful instructor. Teaching has been his profession and after a course it will not be long before he is probably helping to train some of the then new air crews. Winfred has written once.

Lilly said Marion was splendid after her operation. Where is she now? I should be glad to see Hubert Hall. Give them my address or get his as soon as you can.

I will not worry as I wait for news of Howatt but tell me every detail regularily. How about finances?

No news from home has made me impatient. Twice a day I go to the post office. If my letters catch up with that tone forgive me. All I ask is letters if you can write ten times a week do so.

Be happy

I never received the January assignment of $40. press the point over there.
the $60 assignment term began about Feb 8 th. Tell me date and amt of everything you have rec'd

A better plan re cigarettes
I need them as they are difficult to get
Send $1 every two weeks and that will be a safer plan. (Sweet Caporals with the odd change to Export).

May 27 th
I have been busy and am so tired I must go to bed at 6 oclock after [an nine ho - flip] (?). Write and see about the cigs very soon.

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