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Date: December 15th 1941

Moreton in Marsh

Dear Norma:

I have received four or five letters from you. I really don't know how many. I received your parcel to-day. I was very glad to get the Candies as they are very scarse over here. Send some Laura Secords next time I think they supply box and all. I hope you are getting along well at college. I can notice a marked improvement in your writing and formation of your sentence.

I guess every body is getting along fine. I have no complaints to make. I have had twenty days leave in the last fourty-two days & when I was not on leave I didn't do anything anyway & so I can no complain. Aunt Helen told me not to write to her if I was busy. Well I am not very busy so I will drop her a line to-night as I have not any money so I will be at home all evening.

They have some of the greatest theatre shows over here in London, you would not see the like anywhere in Toronto.

You can stay at the Strand Palace or Savoy Hotel in London for elevan & six a day. I tried all over London to get myself a supply of liquor for Christmas but was unsuccessful. But I met a chappie here in camp who is going to get me some as he used to work for a importer.

The weather over is awful. t is raining nearly all the time & fog is as thick as the devil so that helps my idleness. I am heading for the far east when I get this course finished. I hope to go to India or somewhere in that area. I will fly out there. I guess you are pretty well tickled about USA being in our war. Personally, it does not make much difference to me.

You need not expect a lot of letters just because you sent me some writing paper. There is not a hell of a lot to tell you that you would be interested. If I told you some of the things you would be surprised.

I do not think the hens over here are any good as I have only seen one egg since I left Canada. But there is lots of chicken to eat. There is a scarcity of dogs so I am wondering.

So long for now