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Date: December 3rd 1918
Emily Adams

December 3, 1918

My dear George
Your long-looked-for letter arrived this morning. We had been longing for that one as we were very curious to know how you would take the news. You seem to have acted about the same as the people did here. I daresay you have read how the Londoners took it. All flocking to Buckingham Palace. With your letter came a Registered Parcel for Edie from Alex. It was the souvenirs he had bought in Aberdeen. For Edie a very nice gold chain & medallion which was just what she wanted; Mrs. Campbell an enameled Butterfly Brooch; Mr. C. a lovely pro of hand sewn tan gloves; Margaret a pretty gold brooch; Lil ditto; me a very nice violet enameled brooch. I
think it is so good of him always to remember me. I certainly appreciate his kindness. Alex's cousin, Capt. MacIntosh, has arrived & is going to Campbell's this evening. They asked me to go over with Edie to meet him but I don't think I will. I daresay Alex told you that they met in France & had a good old talk. I know Edie is just dying to hear what he has to tell them about Alex. I think Capt. Mc. met Howard as well. We were over last evening to see Mrs. Hutchins. She is still in bed & likely to be for some time. Mr. H. was down at the church so Edie, Winnie & Mildred were in the living room & I was with Mrs. H. We were having a nice chat when in walks Mrs. Foote & Mrs. Alf Hutchins, so we heard all about Harry & Geof Foote & Willie Hutchins. Then came a phone message from Muriel at Gravenhurst saying Pansy had the flu & pleurisy & they were short of nurses; would Winnie go up & nurse her. So Winnie expected to go early this morning. Last Saturday we had our first snow storm & this afternoon is snowing & it's so dark I can hardly see to write. Had no news of Dan yet. I hope he is all right. Edie wrote you a long letter on Sunday telling you all the news. I daresay you were surprised to hear Howard's mother was to be married this month. Well Christmas will soon be allover. Am wondering if you will be home to celebrate my 64th Birthday. Wouldn't it be jolly if you were. I hope you get your Xmas boxes safely & will enjoy the contents.

With fondest love & many kisses
Your loving mother
Emily Adams