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Date: November 9th 1918
Emily Adams

November 9, 1918

My dear George
Received this morning two letters dated Oct. 19th & 22nd, also the registered picture. I think it was worth sending home. I wish I could read those post cards. It seems funny that I could at one time both read and write German & French but of course so much has happened in the past forty years & I had no occasion to keep it up. I am late with the Tely this week but there has been so much excitement this week am enclosing the account of the doings downtown. When Edie came home to lunch on Thursday, she had just heard at Sunnyside that peace was declared so you can imagine how excited she was. When she got back to the office Mr. Slater was doing her letters & told her she wouldn't be able to work so she & Miss Goffin went to see the sights. Edie said people were doing all kinds of funny things. One old lady was walking up Yonge St. playing a mouth organ & a man was holding up a tiny parasol to keep the rain off. When she got home to supper she was nearly dead. Lil wanted us to go downtown in the evening but Edie & Margaret had had enough so Mr. Campbell & Lil went. We stayed home with Mrs. Campbell & Mae. (Sunday afternoon) This morning when we came out of church, boys were selling papers headed "Revolution in Germany". We couldn't buy one as we had no money. Will try & get one on our way to Weston. To-morrow the Mayor has proclaimed a half holiday so that people can see the Victory Loan Parade. I told you in my last that nobody had heard from Alex. Well yesterday morning we all received one of those pretty worked envelopes, Souvenir de France. I think it is so good of Alex always to remember me & I appreciate it very much. He said on Edie's that he was going on leave the next day & would write then. Edie stayed in yesterday to make candies and cookies for Alex & you & I made you each a Christmas Cake. We are sending them this week. Now dearest it is time to get ready for Weston. I shall take care of all your souvenirs. I can imagine how you will be decorating your room with them.

With fondest love & many kisses
Your loving mother
Emily Adams